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13 years old Himanshu needs a CTVS Surgery

13 years old Himanshu needs a CTVS Surgery

Vital Stats

Age:13 years
Hospital:GB Pant
Referring Doctor:Dr.sumod kurian
Surgery Required:yes
Target Funds Needed:$448.21 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2019-10-05
Date of Completion:2019-10-12

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Case Summary

Himanshu, 13-year-old kid needs surgery of CTVS right now he is under observation undergo for his surgery soon his father is labour and only be able to earn 6000/- ($83.93) a month. The family has arranged 15000/- ($209.84) and for the rest seeking help, please help for saving the only kid the total cost of the surgery is 47040/- ($658.05) funds required is 32040/- ($448.21)

a little brief about his diagnoses:-
Open-heart surgery is mostly done to treat people suffering from coronary artery disease which predicts a heart attack. However, there are also some other conditions where heart surgery is required, including:

Trouble in the valves
Problems in the main vessel of the heart
Replacement of a damaged heart with a donor’s heart

Depending on the health issues, there are different types of open-heart surgeries. Some of the common ones include:

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: It is the most common type of heart surgery and is performed to provide alternate routes of blood supply to the heart. The healthy artery is usually taken from chest, arms or legs.

Heart Valve Repair or Replacement: This heart surgery is performed to either repair the valve or replaces it with a biological valve or metallic valve.

Arrhythmia Treatment: Arrhythmia is a condition where the heart does not beat in a regular rhythm. A pacemaker or an ICD is placed inside the body during surgery to overcome the irregularity of the heartbeats. Arrhythmia ablation treatments are now available with cutting edge technology and expert surgeons.

Heart Transplant: This surgery treats advanced heart failure by replacing the damaged heart with a healthy heart from a deceased donor.

the family background:-
Family member:-3
The total cost of the surgery:- 47040/- ($658.05)
family can afford:- 15000/- ($209.84)
funds required:- 32040/- ($448.21)

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