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Medical Relief

Implement projects in serving the underprivileged children, children with mental or physical disabilities and those that are victims of child abuse. To this extent we will team up with doctors and hospitals to identify cases where financial assistance can be provided to save and/or improve a child's life. We will also partner with doctors and other non-profit organizations (both nationally and internationally) for promoting good health through population based programs like universal immunization, improving availability of clean potable water etc.

Health Education

DFY-USA believes that significant improvement in healthy living can be made by providing basic education on health & nutrition, use of first aid, safe child delivery practices for fetal-maternal health and importance of immunization against common vaccine preventable illnesses. As such the DFY-USA team will work and collaborate on devising educational programs through health camps and mass media communication channels such as the Internet in reaching out to both domestic and international communities where such programs are required.

Disaster Recovery

Little, if anything can be done to prevent natural calamities or disaster; however a lot of financial resources and human capital is required in dealing with the aftermath and assisting those in need of help. We intend to work on projects, collaborating with existing domestic and international organizations, in contributing towards recovery efforts of areas and people impacted by disaster(whether natural or man-made) through both financial and volunteer assistance.


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