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Project Trisha

PROJECT TRISHA launched in late 2014 to help underprivileged children by providing financial support to treat critical cardiac disorders and provide guidance and assistance to the families. The scope of the project includes critical but non-emergency cases, which require a surgical procedure resulting in significant improvement in the quality of life.

A heart defect (abnormality) that is present at birth is known as a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). Nearly all of these are life threatening. Any child can be born with a congenital heart defect. Medical operation is often the only option for these children to have another chance to live. There are thousands of children with CHD waiting for their life-saving operations.


Our Goal

  • To give every child suffering CHD the opportunity to have the life-saving operation/surgery they need.
  • To provide the family not only funding for the treatment but guidance throughout the treatment.

Expected Costs

  • Government hospitals: per case cost of around $1200 to $1500.
  • Discounted Rates at Partner Private Hospitals: Cases that cannot be handled at government hospital due to capacity constraints or long wait time will be taken to a private hospitals, where the costs per case range $3000 to $4000 approximately.
  • Recently tied up with Medanta Hospital in Gurgoan under Dr. Trehan and have a reduced cost surgical package for Rs 1,00,000 (~$1500 USD using USD=65 INR)

Our Collaboration/Partner Hospitals

DFY-USA has officially partnered with G.B. Pant Hospital; a Government based super specialty hospital in Delhi, India. Two Cardiologists and one Cardiothoracic surgeon review and identify children requiring the treatment however cannot afford the treatment costs.

We have partnered with both Government and Private super-specialty hospitals to carry out these treatments and the current focus is on cardiac surgeries or device implantation. For our partners click here.

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Learn More About Our Process:

Criteria for case selection: Case be referred by the cardiologist based on financial needs of the patient and the treatment should provide significant improvement in the life of the child.

Team: volunteer team of 10 based in India and USA and a full time social worker, who work closely with children’s families.

Case referred Senior Cardiologists at GB pant Hospital, Delhi
Case is reviewed and financial verification of the family by the DFY-USA India Team – Case Processed
DFY USA Social worker sets up appointment with surgeon at partner hospital
Pre-Surgical screening and testing performed and surgery date assigned
Funds raised
Patient admission, fees submitted
Surgery performed, daily monitoring by DFY USA team member ensuring the well being of the patient, donors updated regularly regarding the recovery of the child
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