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Abdul’s heart has a hole- can you help?

Abdul’s heart has a hole- can you help?

Vital Stats

Surgery Required:Yes
Target Funds Needed:$460 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2017-03-23
Date of Completion:2017-03-27

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Case Summary

Abdul is a cute young boy with an infectious smile!!! What you may not find out looking at his face is that he was born with a heart defect called VSD. His large chambers in the heart have a hole in between them leading to un-oxygenated blood being mixed with oxygen enriched blood. As a result vital organs of his young growing body like brain are not getting the nutrition and oxygen level they need!! He needs a surgery to correct this and YOU can help!!!

His father works as a driver in Lucknow, UP, India and is unable to bear the cost of the surgery himself. DFY-USA has decided to help Abdul get a deserving chance for healthy childhood and will bear the remaining cost of the surgery! We could do that knowing YOU are with us in this TOGETHER!!!

Please donate here and turn Abdul’s dreams of living disease free into reality!!

Cost of surgery: INR 1 lac (USD 1530/-)
Family to provide: INR 70,000 (USD 1070/-)
DFYUSA to raise: INR 30,000/- (USD 460/-)

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