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Anish needs a Second chance at life!

Anish needs a Second chance at life!

Vital Stats

Age:12 years
Surgery Required:Yes
Target Funds Needed:$751 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2016-09-07

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Case Summary

The past is not always over… it sometimes catches up with you…So is the story of Anish!

Anish is a 12 year old boy who was born with a heart defect: subpulmonic Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). This defect was repaired soon after his birth, however now that he is 12 years old, the outflow tract of his right ventricle (pulmonary valve) has become very narrow and he is in need for a second heart surgery to repair his pulmonary valve…
The cost of his surgery is too high for his parents to afford by themselves. Hence DFY-USA has stepped up and have committed to help him get a second chance to live his life!

Vital Stats:
Surgery Needed: Pulmonary valve repair
Cost of Surgery: INR 100,000 ($1502)
Cost covered by parents: INR 50,000 ($751)
Amount to be raised by DFY-USA: INR 50,000 ($751)

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