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Ganesh kumar needs a surgery

Ganesh kumar needs a surgery

Vital Stats

Name:Ganesh kumar
Age:5 months
Referring Doctor:Dr. Dinesh chandra
Surgery Required:yes
Diagnosis:Coarctation of the aorta
Target Funds Needed:$799.04 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2019-03-16
Date of Completion:2019-03-25

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Case Summary

Ganesh Kumar is 5 months old diagnosed with a heart condition called Coarctation of the aorta right now he is admitted in medanta undergo to his surgery on 20/3/2019.his father is labour and earn only up to 8000/- ($116.72) a month the total cost of the surgery is 100000/- ($1452.80) but his family is only be able to arrange 45000/- ($653.76) and for 55000/- ($799.04) they need help so please keep him in your prayers and donate for Ganesh Kumar

A little brief about Ganesh’s diagnoses:-

Coarctation of the aorta (CoAo), also called aortic narrowing, is a congenital condition whereby the aorta is narrow, usually in the area where the ductus arteriosus (ligamentum arteriosum after regression) inserts. The word “coarctation” means narrowing. Coarctations are most common in the aortic arch. The arch may be small in babies with coarctations. Other heart defects may also occur when coarctation is present, typically occurring on the left side of the heart. When a patient has a coarctation, the left ventricle has to work harder. Since the aorta is narrowed, the left ventricle must generate a much higher pressure than normal in order to force enough blood through the aorta to deliver blood to the lower part of the body. If the narrowing is severe enough, the left ventricle may not be strong enough to push blood through the coarctation, thus resulting in lack of blood to the lower half of the body.

The family background:-
Family member:-5
the total cost of the surgery:-100000/- ($1452.80)
family can afford:- 45000/- ($653.76)
funds required:-55000/- ($799.04)

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