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Gift a healthy life to Anas!

Gift a healthy life to Anas!

Vital Stats

Age:7.5 years
Hospital:GB Panth
Referring Doctor:dr saket aggarwal
Surgery Required:Yes
Target Funds Needed:$929 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2016-09-23
Date of Completion:2016-10-04

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Case Summary

Anas is a 7.5 year old boy who was born with a hole in his heart (Atrial septal defect, ASD). His father is a laborer and is the sole earning member for a family of 8. Without correction, his physical activities can become limited, predispose him to lung infections and affect his overall health.
His family is however unable to afford the entire cost of the procedure. Hence DFYUSA has decided to help the family by financially supporting them for the surgery!
DFYUSA is able to do this with your help!! Please donate here

Cost of Surgery: INR 68,250/-
Amount provided by parents: INR 5,000/-
Amount to be raised by DFYUSA: INR 63,250/- (USD: 929/-)

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