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keep Gaurav in your prayers

keep Gaurav in your prayers

Vital Stats

Referring Doctor:Dr. Harsh Khurana
Surgery Required:yes
Target Funds Needed:$785.50 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2017-12-31
Date of Completion:2018-01-10

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Case Summary

gaurav is 3 months old suffering from TAPVC.In TAPVC, the blood does not take the normal route from the lungs to the heart and out to the body. Instead, the veins from the lungs attach to the heart in abnormal positions and this problem means that oxygenated blood enters or leaks into the wrong chamber.
In the right atrium, oxygen-rich (red) blood from the pulmonary veins mixes with low-oxygen (bluish) blood from the body. Part of this mixture passes through the atrial septum (atrial septal defect) into the left atrium. From there it goes into the left ventricle, then into the aorta and out to the body. The rest of the blood flows through the right ventricle, into the pulmonary artery and on to the lungs. The blood passing through the aorta to the body doesn’t have a normal amount of oxygen, which causes the child to look blue.
This problem occurs mostly in babies when they are inside the mom’s womb and Gaurav is one of them this problem can be fixed by a simple surgery and Gaurav can also be a normal baby but Gaurav’s parents are quite poor and can’t afford the full expense of the surgery so please pray and donate to this little boy

family background
family member= 3
Total cost= 100000 ($1571.00)
family can afford=50000 ($785.50)
funds requirred= 50000 ($785.50)

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