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Vital Stats

Referring Doctor:DR. SAFAL
Surgery Required:YES
Target Funds Needed:$935.38 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2017-09-16
Date of Completion:2017-09-26

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Case Summary

Krishna is 9 years old suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is a congenital heart defect that is present at birth. Symptoms include episodes of bluish color to the skin. When affected babies cry or have a bowel movement, they may develop a “tet spell” where they turn very blue, have difficulty breathing, become limp, and occasionally lose consciousness. Other symptoms may include a heart murmur, finger clubbing, and easy tiring upon breastfeeding.

The cause is typically not known. Risk factors include a mother who uses alcohol, has diabetes, is over the age of 40, or gets rubella during pregnancy. It may also be associated with Down syndrome.

Classically there are four defects-
1.a ventricular septal defect, a hole between the two ventricles
2.pulmonary stenosis, narrowing of the exit from the right ventricle
3.right ventricular hypertrophy, enlargement of the right ventricle
4.an overriding aorta, which allows blood from both ventricles to enter the aorta

TOF is typically treated by open heart surgery in the first year of life. The timing of surgery depends on the baby’s symptoms and size. The procedure involves increasing the size of the pulmonary valve and pulmonary arteries and repairing the ventricular septal defect. In babies who are too small a temporary surgery may be done with plans for a second surgery when the baby is bigger. Most people who are affected live to be adults. Long-term problems may include an irregular heart rate and pulmonary regurgitation.

Krishna comes from a very poor family as his father is a helper in a company where he only earn up to 9000/- a month i.e $140 which is very hard for him to afford this treatment so that’s why where Doctors for you,USA is helping them so that Krishna can live a normal life just like other.

Family background:-
family member-4
monthly income- ($140) i.e 9000/-
funds needed-($935.38) i.e. 60000/-

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