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Baby Azmat

Baby Azmat

Vital Stats

Name:Azmat Ali
Age:7 months
Referring Doctor:Dr Viresh
Surgery Required:Yes
Target Funds Needed:$2240 / INR 0
Donations Received:$2240 / INR 0
Date of Treatment:2016-05-31
Date of Completion:2016-06-17

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Case Summary

Update May 31st, 2016: We have received all remaining funds for Baby Azmat. He is going through surgery today.

Baby Azmat Ali is a 7 month old boy, who had TAPVC, an abnormality in which oxygenated blood pathways are obstructed leading to breathing problems for baby early on and could be fatal, if not treated.

Azmat Ali comes from a poor family with his day working as an Electrician earning Rs 10,000 (USD 150) a month.

The treatment costed Rs 150,000 (USD 2240) out of which the family could afford to pay about Rs 100,000 ($1500) after borrowing from their family.

DFYUSA raised Rs 50,000 ($725) funding for this case. The treatment took place in Artemis Hospital in Gurgoan.

More information about the disease

TAPVC: An abnormality in which the oxygenated blood doesn’t flow the normal route from lungs into the heart and then out to the body, but INSTEAD, veins from lungs get attached abnormally, causing oxygenated blood to flow into the wrong chamber of the heart. Hence the oxygenated blood supplies gets obstructed which leads to breathing problems and the child may also appear blue due to lack of oxygenated blood.

The cause is unknown, but this abnormality starts to show very early especially with breathing problems and blueness. The only solution is surgery, and not getting it done in time could be fatal.

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