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love kumar’s tof surgery

love kumar’s tof surgery

Vital Stats

Name:love kumar
Referring Doctor:Dr Arima Nigam
Surgery Required:yes
Target Funds Needed:$1389.64 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Donation Amt Needed:$1389.64 / INR 0

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Case Summary

love Kumar who is 7years old suffering from tetralogy of Fallot that is most common cause of blue babies due to the body not getting an adequate supply of oxygenated blood. If untreated, these children don’t survive for a very long time. DFYUSA is committed to getting children like love Kumar in getting a better life by getting them through a treatment, which they otherwise would not be able to afford

love Kumar’s s family is quite poor. and his father is unemployed

Cost of treatment for little love will be Rs. 1Lakhs ($1500), out of which family will try to contribute Rs 10000 or about ($154.40). The treatment will take place in Medanta Hospital at the subsidized cost listed above.

Let’s put a smile on Baby love Kumar, let’s give him a chance to play, learn and become someone’s day.

We need your help in raising the rest of the funds. You can donate on www.dfyusa.org (using the International card or PayPal) or you can donate in India by sending us a check or depositing funds at NEFT account. Let us know if you want to donate and we will help you.

family background-
family member-3
family can only be able to contribute-10000 (154.40)
The total cost of the surgery-100000 ($1500)
funds needed 90000/- ($1389.64)

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