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Pray for little Ashish

Pray for little Ashish

Vital Stats

Age:8 years
Hospital:gb pant
Referring Doctor:DR.Sumod Kurian
Surgery Required:yes
Diagnosis:valve fix
Target Funds Needed:$476 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2018-10-15
Date of Completion:2018-10-30

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Case Summary

Ashish is 8 years old having a heart condition of valve fix right now he is admitted in GB pant waiting for his surgery please give him your blessing as he is the only the child of his parents. Ashish father is labour and barely earn something but somehow his family can only be able to arrange 15000/- ($203.85) but for the rest, they need help the total cost of the surgery is 50000/- ($679.49) and the funds required is 35000/- ($475.64)

A little about Ashish heart condition

Valve repair can usually be done on congenital valve defects (defects you are born with) and has a good success record with treating mitral valve defects.

Here are some procedures surgeons may use to repair a valve:

Commissurotomy is used for narrowed valves, where the leaflets are thickened and perhaps stuck together. The surgeon opens the valve by cutting the points where the leaflets meet.
Valvuloplasty strengthens the leaflets to provide more support and to let the valve close tightly. This support comes from a ring-like device that surgeons attach around the outside of the valve opening.
Reshaping is done when the surgeon cuts out a section of a leaflet. Once the leaflet is sewn back together, the valve can close properly.
Decalcification removes calcium buildup from the leaflets. Once the calcium is removed, the leaflets can close properly.
Repair of structural support replaces or shortens the cords that give the valves support (these cords are called the chordae tendineae and the papillary muscles). When the cords are the right length, the valve can close properly.
Patching covers holes or tears in the leaflets with a tissue patch.

Family background:-
total family member:-8
the total cost of the surgery:-50000/- ($679.49)
family can arrange:- 15000/- ($203.85)
funds Required:- 35000/- ($475.64)

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