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Reyansh sharma’s vsd surgery

Reyansh sharma’s vsd surgery

Vital Stats

Name:Reyansh sharma
Age:6 months
Referring Doctor:DR.MUNISH TOMER
Surgery Required:YES
Target Funds Needed:$774.05 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2017-11-01
Date of Completion:2017-11-08

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Case Summary

Reyansh Sharma is 6-month-old suffering from A ventricular septal defect (VSD) is an opening or hole in the wall that separates the two lower chambers of the heart. This wall is the ventricular septum. The hole causes oxygen-rich blood to leak from the left side of the heart to the right side. This causes extra work for the right side of the heart, since more blood than necessary is flowing through the right ventricle to the lungs. VSDs vary in size, number, and location within the interventricular septum and this information is of importance as it has direct clinical implications on the cardiac functions. These septal anomalies lead tocongestive heart failure (CHF) and retarded growth, pulmonary diseases ( known as Eisenmenger syndrome), frequent infections, endocarditis, sudden death etc.

Steps involved:

There are two types of surgery available to correct a VSD: the intra-cardiac technique and the trans-catheter technique. The surgical technique is chosen based upon the nature of the VSD and associated side effects on the patient’s heart and lungs. The intra-cardiac approach is the most common technique and is done while the patient is under cardiopulmonary bypass (a “heart-lung machine”) and is an open-heart operation. This is the procedure of choice for most children and at most paediatric surgical centres. A patch of fabric or pericardium (the normal lining around the outside of the heart) is sewn over the VSD to close it completely and permanently. Over the period of time it gets covered by the normal tissue within the heart and get permanently fixed. A small repairs of the patch or minor defects can be corrected in cath-lab under the radio-imaging techniques using a catheter.


For smaller VSDs, no special precautions are needed. For large VSDs, child care is necessary and it is important to undertake the surgery as early as possible for regaining the normal heart function and growth of the child. Once the VSDs are closed by surgery no special precautions are required and the child can lead a normal life. Special precautions, restricting physical activities need to be evaluated based on the location and type of the VSD. Parents must inform all the possible symptoms and signs to the paediatric cardiologist so that appropriate medical support can be provided before the surgery. Post-procedure continued periodic monitoring by the cardiologist is important and must be strictly followed.

reyansh family is quite poor as his father is a worker on a daily basis and can earn only upto 10000/-i.e.($154.81)a month which is very hard for his family to afford his surgery expense so thats why where we Doctors For You USA are helping them so that their son can live a normal life.


TOTAL COST OF SURGERY-100000/- ($1548.11)
FAMILY PAID-90000/-($1393.30)
FUNDS REQUIRED-10000/-($154.81)

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