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Saras Need’s a ASD Surgery

Saras Need’s a ASD Surgery

Vital Stats

Age:1 years
Referring Doctor:Dr. Manvinder Singh
Surgery Required:yes
Target Funds Needed:$588.20 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2018-05-20
Date of Completion:2018-05-26

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Case Summary

Saras Mawal is 1 years old kid diagnosed with ASD right now he is in Medanta tomorrow is Saras surgery as it’s an urgent case which is to be done soon this is said by the doctors of medanta after his echo. His Father works in a private company and earns only up to 20000/- ($293.80) a month still his father is ready to afford 60000/- ($881.40) but for the rest they need help. total funds required is 40000/- ($587.60) here is some information regarding his diagnoses

Atrial septal defect (ASD) sometimes referred to as a hole in the heart is a congenital heart defect in which the wall that separates the upper heart chambers (atria) does not close completely. Congenital means the defect is present at birth.

The wall is called septum which separates the heart’s left and right sides. So when there is a large defect between the artia, a large amount of oxygen-rich (red) blood leaks from the heart’s left side back to the right side. Then this blood is pumped back to the lungs, despite already having been refreshed with oxygen. This is inefficient because already-oxygenated blood displaces blood that needs oxygen.

family background:-
The total cost of the surgery:- 100000/- ($1470.50)
Funds required:- 40000/- ($588.20)
Family can afford:- 60000/- ($882.30)
Family Member 3

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