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sarwan kumar’s tof surgery

sarwan kumar’s tof surgery

Vital Stats

Name:sarwan kumar
Age:12 years
Referring Doctor:DR.ARIMA NIGAM
Surgery Required:YES
Target Funds Needed:$772.02 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Donation Amt Needed:$772.02 / INR 0

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Case Summary

Sarwan Kumar 12 years old kid suffering from tertalogy of fallout

A heart defect that features four problems.
They are:-

1.a hole between the lower chambers of the heart
2.an obstruction from the heart to the lungs
3.The aorta (blood vessel) lies over the hole in the lower chambers
4.The muscle surrounding the lower right chamber becomes overly thickened

Normally the left side of the heart only pumps blood to the body, and the heart’s right side only pumps blood to the lungs. In a child with tetralogy of Fallot, blood can travel across the hole (VSD) from the right pumping chamber (right ventricle) to the left pumping chamber (left ventricle) and out into the body artery (aorta). Obstruction in the pulmonary valve leading from the right ventricle to the lung artery prevents the normal amount of blood from being pumped to the lungs. Sometimes the pulmonary valve is completely obstructed (pulmonary atresia)

Sarwan Kumar’s father is a small farmer and can only earn up to 9000/- a month i.e. ($138.96) and due to which its very hard for him to afford the expense of his son’s surgery so that’s why where we doctors for you USA is helping sarwan so that he can live a normal life

family background-
family member-5
The total cost of surgery-100000/- ($1544.04)
family can only pay-50000/- ($772.02)
funds needed-50000/-($772.02)

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