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shivani needs help

shivani needs help

Vital Stats

Hospital:gb panth
Referring Doctor:Dr Arima Nigam
Surgery Required:yes
Target Funds Needed:$368.38 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2017-08-22
Date of Completion:2017-09-21

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Case Summary

shivani who is 2 yrs old suffering from PDA Patent ductus arteriosus is a heart problem that occurs soon after birth in some babies. In PDA, abnormal blood flow occurs between two of the major arteries connected to the heart.

Before birth, the two major arteries-the aortae and the pulmonary (PULL-mun-ary) artery-are connected by a blood vessel called the ductus arteriosus. This vessel is an essential part of fetal blood circulation.

Within minutes or up to a few days after birth, the vessel is supposed to close as part of the normal changes occurring in the baby’s circulation.

Baby Shivani’s family is quite poor. her dad earns a mere 6000/- ($93.65) a month on which the family survives

Cost of treatment for Baby Shivani will be Rs.33600 ($524.47) out of which family will try to contribute Rs 10000/- or about $156.09. The treatment will take place in GB PANTH Hospital at the subsidized cost listed above funds to be raised by us Rs. 23600 ($368.38)

Let’s put a smile on Baby Shivani, let’s give him a chance to play, learn and become someone one day.

We need your help in raising the rest of the funds. You can donate here (using an international card or PayPal) or you can donate in India by sending us a check or depositing funds at NEFT account. Let us know if you want to donate and we will help you.

God bless Baby kajal. Please pray for his health and happiness….

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