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Shivani thanks for all your support!

Shivani thanks for all your support!

Vital Stats

Hospital:GB Panth
Surgery Required:Yes
Target Funds Needed:$1152 / INR 0
Donations Received:$1152 / INR 0
Date of Treatment:2017-01-28
Date of Completion:2017-01-28

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Case Summary

Shivani is a brave girl who was eight last year.she was treated at G.B.Panth hospital for VSD/PDA , she was admitted for her first procedure on 16/01/2017 till 24/01/2016 .

Patient is based at Varanasi. Due to certain complications she was advised two surgeries. One happened last year and the other is going to happen on this Wednesday 25/01/2017 tentatively.

She is admitted in the hospital and feels grateful and thankful to all the prayers done for her , for all the love , for the contributions made by the donors for the cause.

Last year full amount of Rs 1,28,500/- was paid and now for this event she only needs love and support.

Family paid Rs 50,000/- and rest funds were raised last year only.

she is a warm little girl who would always feel that there are good people in the world!! Thank you are just words DFY TEAM is overwhelmed with the contribution of each one who is reading this post. even#sharing#matters.
Guys do share and pray for Shivani for her second surgery to be a success.

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