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Suraj Pyasi needs a Pacemaker.

Suraj Pyasi needs a Pacemaker.

Vital Stats

Name:Suraj Pyasi
Age:5 years
Referring Doctor:Dr.Anil Bhan
Surgery Required:Yes
Target Funds Needed:$1094.65 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2019-01-29
Date of Completion:2019-02-02

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Case Summary

Suraj is 5 years he needs surgery of a pacemaker he already had one of his surgery when he was just 1 year old,his father is unemployed can’t able to afford the expense of the surgery the total cost of the surgery is 155000/- ($2175.27) somehow his family be able to arrange 15000/- ($210.51) and also getting 62000/- ($870.11) from the Uttar Pradesh government and for the rest they need help please keep him in your prayers and donate for 5 year old Suraj.

A little brief about his heart surgery:-
A pacemaker is a small electrical device, fitted in the chest or abdomen. It’s used to treat some abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) that can cause your heart to either beat too slowly or miss beats.
How are pacemakers fitted?
Pacemakers are fitted under a local anaesthetic with sedation, so you’ll feel very sleepy. It typically takes between one and two hours to have one fitted, but it can take longer if you’re having other heart surgery at the same time.

family background:-
the total cost of the surgery:-155000/- ($2175.27)
family can afford:-15000/- ($210.51)
help through U.P. Govt.:-62000/- ($870.11)
Funds Required:-78000/- ($1094.65)

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