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Tanuja’s Heart Procedure

Tanuja’s Heart Procedure

Vital Stats

Name:Tanuja Khatoon
Age:17 years
Hospital:Gb Pant
Referring Doctor:dr sumod kurian
Surgery Required:Yes
Target Funds Needed:$1150 / INR 0
Donations Received:
Date of Treatment:2017-03-10

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Case Summary

Tanuja is a 17 year old girl suffering from Congential Heart diseases. She requires 3 stents in her corrective procedure, which will be performed at GB Pant Hospital. The cost of procedure is free, but the stends will cost total of Rs. 95,000.

She comes from an underprivlidged family and her parents can only affort pay to Rs 15,000. DFY USA is looking to raise Rs 80,000 for her case.

She is due for her procedure on Saturday, April 1st, 2017. Please support her by praying for her and contributing towards her medical costs.

Referring Hospital: GB Pant, Delhi
Procedure Date: 1st Apr 2017
Funds Total: Rs 95,000 ($1400)
Family to pay: Rs 15,000 ($250)
Funds Needed: Rs 80,000 ($1150)

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