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Ujala Kumari

Ujala Kumari

Vital Stats

Name:Ujala Kumari
Age:5 years
Hospital:GB Pant, Delhi India
Referring Doctor:Dr. Sumod
Surgery Required:Catherter Implant
Diagnosis:Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) a.k.a Hole in Heart
Target Funds Needed:$975 / INR 0
Donations Received:$975 / INR 0
Date of Treatment:2015-05-17
Date of Completion:2015-05-21

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Case Summary

5yr old girl named Ujala Kumari lives with her parents in slums of delhi, her dad earns small living as cart pusher. Little Ujala had Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) aka a large hole between the upper two chambers of the heart causing mixing of oxygenated blood with de-oxygenated blood. While a small hole is usually not concerning, larger holes can severely impacts physical activity including running and playing as both heart and lungs have to take on significant load. The problem was treated by inserting a device to close the hole and doesn’t require open heart. The device costed around USD 1142 (Rs 68500) .

With your help and support DFY USA was able to raise funds to help pay for the device. The family is contributed USD 167 (RS 10000) remaining USD 975 (Rs 58,500) was raised by DFY USA Ujala was discharged in May 2015.

Please join hands with DFY-USA to give children with congenital heart diseases new lives! Visit http://www.dfyusa.org/donate/to donate.

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