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Assam Flood

Doctors for You (DFY): Conflict Survivor Assistance Programme, Chirang District, Bodo Territorial Council (BTC) Assam.

The Conflict Survivor Assistance Programme for BTAD-Assam is a mechanism to ensure that direct assistance is provided to the families injured in the 2014-2015 Assam ethnic violence. The programme facilitates the provision of medical attention to those in need (including child victims). The programme was designed as part of a broader initiative and has led to the development of a holistic model, which can be scaled up, as more victims are identified. The programme supports 6 conflict survivors in Chirang (including a child of three years). The core components of the programme which was based on a needs assessment consist of the following:

A. Direct immediate assistance to the affected family: This involves a Small Cash Grant and Non-Food Items and basic medical care.

B. Facilitation of long-term medical care and treatment:Through provision of logistical supportto guardians to transport patient to Guwahati, support for consultations with doctors and purchase of medicines. Also families have been linked to a physiotherapist near their current location in Chirang district, who provides them with requisite medicines and physiotherapy sessions.

C. Linking of Victim to Government Welfare Schemes: This would mark the conclusion of the programme. The aim of this component is that the survivors are linked to NFCH-MHA scheme which provides welfare support for the victims of communal, ethnic and terrorist violence.

The programme is unique as DFY has been providing support in manner which is participatory, whereby the guardians of the victims are playing a central role in the care of the injured (and are provided the requisite support).

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